For over 25 years, I have strived to build the best landscaping company in the area.  For me, being the best landscaping company does not mean being the largest or the flashiest company.  It means having a core set of values and providing service that reflects these values.  What are these values?  Honesty, reliability, and fairness. 


I learned early on in my business career that landscape contractors, in general, had a reputation for displaying the opposite of my business values.  They promise more than they can deliver, try to cheat their customers by cutting corners and charging unfair prices, and are notorious for not returning calls or emails, especially when they know that the call or message is from an angry customer. 

Even though I am an owner of a landscaping company, I am also a customer of other contractors and service businesses, and it drives me nuts when I have to deal with these types of contractors and businesses.  As a result, my underlying goal is to be the opposite.


Everyday, my employees and I try to practice these values.  First, we start with the basics, answering your phone call and returning your messages.  I'm always surprised by how many landscapers don't do this. Next, we setup an initial consultation and then show up when promised.  Of course, delays happen, and if for some reason we are going to be late or unable to make the scheduled time, we will make sure to let you know.  Again, most landscaping contractors won't do this.  Why?  Who knows?!  Finally, once the work and price is agreed upon, we show up as promised, provide the service and materials as promised, and communicate with you any issues that may arise, as well as listen to your needs and requests.  

I am very proud that by sticking to these values, honesty, reliability, and fairness, I have been able to grow my meager lawn mowing and landscaping business that I started in 1994 into what Green Man Lawn & Landscape is today, a full-service landscaping company by word-of-mouth and on sites like Houzz.

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Best landscaping company President Justin Newell

Justin Newell


Telephone: 720-552-8904

Of course, Green Man Lawn & Landscape wouldn't be what is today without the help of my employees.  My professional team, each with many years of experience as landscapers, share my values to provide you with the best service possible in order to help you achieve the landscape of your dreams.