We do more then repair broken sprinkler heads.  Our experienced irrigation staff continually monitors our properties to ensure that water is not being wasted, and that all the parts, from the meter to the back flow to the nozzle are running as efficiently as possible.  We also test each and every zone on the irrigation system weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the needs of the property.  We also are always actively looking for ways to use water in the most efficient manner.  Also, to ensure awareness of the repairs and tests we do, we will always send you a detailed map with the location and description of each repair or adjustment.  


Water is a precious resource and is a vital part of the well-being of your landscape. Our water management staff will always ensure that water is being used in the most efficient manner.  We look for and minimize over spray, over watering, leaking heads and valves, and inefficient watering practices.


When possible, we will recommend and use the most technically advanced irrigation parts available, including wireless weather sensors, remote access stations, ET watering, and flow meters.  Our irrigation staff continually learns about new and innovative technology that will save you money on your watering bill.   If you are looking for someone to replace a sprinkler head to overhauling your existing system, the irrigation experts at Green Man are just a phone call away.


Water management irrigation tech installing new PVC lateral line
One of our irrigation techs installing a new PVC lateral line.

Water management division testing rotors in open space
Our water management team is testing rotors in an HOAs park.


Key Benefits of a Professionally Maintained Irrigation System

Not all landscape maintenance companies are the same.  It's important to weed out the mow and blow companies from the professionals.

  Efficient, environmentally-friendly watering practices 
  24/7 Service with staff on-call
  Up-to-date technology
  Communication, communication, communication